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Random Links
Server Administration with A/UX
Book. Contents: using the command line, introduction to using Unix commands, system start up, backup media and devices, managing disks, creating and managing TCP/IP network, printing, user and group administration, troubleshooting.

Unix and Linux Solutions and Utilities
Parkridge specializes in customized solutions, system administration, systems integration and network security for Unix systems. Developers of Unix system administration utility products. As a consequence of supporting Unix systems for many years we have developed utilities that not only save time but also improve the functionality of Unix/Linux systems.

NetBSD for the FreeBSD User
Article by Michael Lucas. A walk through of a NetBSD install by an experienced FreeBSD user. [Onlamp.com]

IPSEC Bridging Under OpenBSD
'Plugging holes with your fingers' - a guide to configuring IPSEC in OpenBSD.

A.P. Lawrence-SCO Unix Consultant
Articles, tips, and help relating to SCO Unix operating systems.

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