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Random Links
G A C T - Unix Passwords
you have to have somewhere to start. For the purposes of this file, that somewhere is with the 'passwd' file.

Form S-3 Registration Statement
New S-3 filed as part of BayStar deal, allows for converting BayStar preferred stock to regular stock, so SCO had to register another 3.85 million shares for sale. [US Security and Exchange Commission, SEC]

Unix Power Tools Scripts
Scripts from O'Reilly's Unix Power Tools in a tar archive.

An Implementation of User-level Restartable Atomic Sequences on the NetBSD Operating System
Paper by Gregory McGarry detailing part of the groundwork needed for NetBSD's threading system and scheduler activations. [Freenix]

A Couple of SCO Amusements
SCO claims to own Unix, but their annual report says SCO acts as administrative agent for Novell in collecting royalties. With forum comments. [LWN: Linux Weekly News]

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