Android OS vs. Apple iOs : Comparing The Best

iOS from Apple and Android from Google are popular operating systems available today which are mainly used for mobile technology in most of the tablets and smartphones. Android is Linux-based and it is considered to be more PC-like in comparison with iOS. The majority of the basic features, as well as interfaces in Android, are highly customizable. But iOS comes with its uniform design elements which are more user-friendly.

When choosing tablets or smartphones you need to be very careful since it is no easy to switch from one operating system to another. Either it is from iOS to Android or vice versa is difficult. When the switch occurs, you will have to buy necessary apps either from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Among these two, Android is the most popular and most commonly used operating system in smartphone platforms. It is used by most of the very popular smartphone manufactures. Even though iOS is also a popular and preferred operating system only thing is it is used only on Apple devices like iPhone.


Both Android and iOS are making use of touch interfaces. Both interfaces have many things in common like tapping, swiping, and even pinch-and-zoom. When it comes to booting, both these operating systems boot to the home screen. Booting is very similar to the computer desktop in both these operating systems. When we consider iOS home screen, it comes with just rows of app icons. But in case of Android you can also see widgets. These widgets offer auto-updating information like email and weather. But one more thing to note in iOS is it features dock through which users are able to pin their frequently used applications.

In both Android and iOS, there will be a status bar that runs across on the top. This bar comes with information like cell signal, WiFi, battery life and even time. But in case of Android you will also have messages, received emails, and reminders on the status bar.


In the case of Android, apps are available in Google play. Almost all the apps run on tablets. But there are some unique Android devices for example Kindle Fire which makes use of different app stores. There are many apps that are originally iOS is now available in Android, for example, Pinterest, Instagram, and others.

The majority of the developers prefer developing apps for iOS first and then they develop the Android version. The only niche where this is not the case is for many adult oriented apps. Guidelines can be a little less stringent so many adult dating apps or escort apps, such as skipthegames which became popular with Fayetteville escorts and made waves, choose to start with the easier platform. This would prove to be the only exception. Even though YouTube is made unavailable in the recent versions of iOS, there are many exclusive apps which it offers even today such as Tweetbot. One thing to note here is, most of the popular apps are made available by both Android and Apple app stores.


When it comes to speed, iPhone 6s are said to be speedier when compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The test involved opening up the apps one after the other. Some of the apps have been opened twice. In this test they made a list of apps and they tried to open same apps in both the devices. The most important thing here is comparatively Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is newer than iPhone 6s. But there is one more thing to note here that there will be difference in the app development by the publishers for these operating systems. We can’t judge the performance just by opening same apps in two operating systems since the internal workings of the app in these systems may vary.

Software upgrades

Even though Google is best in providing the updates, there are users who complain that they do not receive updates on their phone. There are some cases where users purchase the phone which comes with outdated software. Here phone manufacture may decide when to provide the update. They may decide that only a specific set of phones will receive the latest updates. Even though they provide the update, it will reach the user after many months of its actual release.

Generally the upgrades on iOS are made available to all the iOS devices. However, there may be some exceptions such as devices that are older than three years may not get some updates. Another example can be updated like Siri which is made available only for iPhone 4S and not for any other older versions.

Final thoughts

There are many other features which compared between these two devices. It may be call features. In the case of Android users can send self-composed messages as auto-replies when they are declining a call. In case of iOS there are many other abilities. In iOS devices it is made possible to reply for a call using a canned message rather answering the call. It is also possible to set some callback reminders in iOS.

Each and every operating system offers its own benefits and there will be some short backs. The only thing is Android is made available by most of the manufacturers and iOS is still available only in Apple devices.