Top Operating Systems

top operating systems

An operating system can perform a wide variety of functions that are useful for the system. The operating system is at the top of the physical network and works as a link between the software and hardware. It helps in the insulation of application software and provides more freedom for innovation in the device. It also performs regular tasks that are required by the applications to manage the process of power management, process scheduling, and allocation of memory to count some. It serves as an interface that programs as utilities for logging and performing applications that are written by the user.

Various operating systems operate in multiple devices. More and more operating systems are being geared towards mobile use. Mobile browsing and mobile apps are more and more important as people use them for activities from online shopping to dating and hooking up, as seen with skipthegames app. Adult apps like this are developed for mobile operating systems. Some of the top operating systems are talked about below.

Top 5 operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows– This operating system has existed right from 1985, and it has maintained its position as the most popular operating system ever since. People have been using it at home or computers in a large number of devices. The windows have kept on growing and adding features to it ever since. The latest version of windows by Microsoft is Windows10, which can be used in tablets, laptops, and personal computers.
  • Apple iOS- This operating system can only be used in only the hardware of Apple, such as iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc. The main feature of Apple iOS is that it gives the most emphasis on its security, which includes the encryption to restrict the amount of data that unauthorized users can extract from the phone.
  • Google Android- The number of devices which has been using this operating system is conclusive of the popularity that this operating system has achieved. Developed by Google, this operating system can be used in mobile phones and other touchscreen devices. It can be used in devices that are produced by any manufacturer.
  • Linux operating system- It is widely used by scientific and corporate servers, which include an environment for cloud computing. Today, programmers around the globe are collaborating on this operating system.
  • Apple macOS- This operating system runs specifically on laptops by Apple. The graphical interface is different is known for its friendly features and other applications, which makes the performance easier and efficient.

Types of operating system

There are four significant types of needs on which the operating system needs to balance to give powerful user performance, which is as follows:

  • High-speed cache
  • Main memory
  • Secondary memory
  • Disk storage

The modern operating systems these days are using a complex formula that helps in the allocation of resources wisely. The operating system allows multiple users, jobs, tasks to be done at the same time without causing the system to crash.


A single operating system cannot be considered for every situation as it is based on policies that are favorable for individual circumstances. The different operating system takes on different approaches which is why you need different methods according to the device. This is the reason why operating systems should be chosen carefully according to the need of the user.